What Our Customers Say

  • Thank you very much for all your help. This is really a great company to deal with, and if I do know anyone who would like to get rid of their gold, I definitely would recommend you to them. I am very impressed with such hospitality. Again thank you for all your help.
    - Judith N. Chicago, IL
  • I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasant experience it has been doing business with your company. I believe I am getting fair prices for my jewelry and I could not be more satisfied with the timeliness of the whole process. I am a satisfied customer and I felt it's important that you know that.
    - Patricia W. Perryville, MD
  • Thank you for your company-I go to yard sales, auctions etc and buy lots of stuff and turn the gold to you-I've made nice money on the stuff I send you :o) Just wanted to say Thank You!
    - Susan Y Orrville, OH
  • Wow! Fast, easy and fun. It's great to get the cash for my old jewelry. Thanks again.
    - Amanda L. Phoenix, AZ
  • Thank You, Unitedjewelry.com, After trying all the others, you offered the highest price. I hope we can do this again in the future.
    - William C. Birmingham AL
  • I received your package. Followed the instructions and sent off my gold. The next day I received my quote and was totally floored. Never would have I thought that my unused jewelry was worth so much money. I am grateful for your service and would like to say thank you for the honest and professional approach your company extended me.
    - Mellisa L. Portland, OR
  • All I can say, I was happily impressed with the entire experience. I have already started spreading the word to family and friends. Thank you so much United Jewelry Buyers.
    - Lisa B. Orlando, FL
  • Thank you for making a difficult decision so simple. Your help and attention combined with the ease and speed has made this great. Of course the CHECK takes the top prize. I am already looking for more gold to send.
    - Roberta S. Chicago, IL
  • A BIG FAT CHECK for jewelry I haven't worn in years??? Can you say NO BRAINER!! Thank you again.
    - Alisha J. NY
  • Clearly the "Best of the Best", and I have used them all. Thanks again United Jewelry Buyers for a pleasant and rewarding transaction.
    - Jessica H. New Orleans, LA
  • Smooth as can be from start to finish. The finish being, the check I cashed. The amount I received was a lot more than I had anticipated. Wish I had more to send. Thanks so much.
    - Jasmin J. Greenville, NC
  • Glad I found your company. Things have been very difficult and your offer for my gold helped take the pressure off. Thank you for all your help and the fast, reliable and safe way you do business. I am happy to spread the word to others I know in the same situation.
    - Kiara B. Montgomery, AL
  • I was so pleased with the check I got in the mail today I had to sit right down and send you this thank you. Although I knew the amount of the check, it still came as a pleasant surprise. It arrived much faster than I thought it would, even though you told me I would have it quickly. You have made me so happy. Thanks again for the great service and the large check.
    - Darius T. Jackson, TN
  • Unitedjewelrybuyers.com, You made my day!!!! Thanks for being there.
    - Melissa W. Marion, SC
  • I have to be honest. My first gold sale to your company was only a small portion of the gold I have. After sending this small quantity and evaluating your process, I was extremely pleased and satisfied. I have since sent off the remainder of my old gold. Thank you, I look forward to my second check.
    - Terrance L. Cabot, AR
  • I sorted through my jewelry box and separated out all the old jewelry I haven't worn in years. I printed the mailing label from your site and sent it to you. I was totally astonished and more than pleased when you contacted me with your cash offer. You guys are the bomb!!!!! Now I have more room in my jewelry box for new jewelry and a fat check in my bank. Thanks United Jewelry Buyers.
    - Shirley T. Byron, GA
  • Living where I do, did not afford me much opportunity to take advantage of the rising gold values. Luckily I found your website and requested your Gold Track Kit. Your information and instructions made this so seamless and reassuring. I just received my check and I am quite happy with the entire process.
    - Jonathan G. Lewiston, MT

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